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Meeting Alfred Hitchcock

As a young actress in Hollywood, I was delighted and thrilled when my manager invited me to attend a “Hollywood Party” at the now defunct Chasen’s. It was star studded and great fun, but the icing on the cake was being told that Alfred Hitchcock wanted to meet me.

My manager and I approached his table and were introduced, Hitch was by now very elderly and looked sickly. That did not prevent him from being extremely gracious and complimentary, telling me he had seen some of my work from Argentina and would like for us to work together someday. I was floored and just blurted out “but Mr. Hitchcok, you like blondes!”. To which he charmingly said: “I admire all pretty women”

I thought I had it made, but fate intervened and “Hitch” died a short time after…

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