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"Irene DeBari is a film, television and stage actor born in Argentina but working in the US since her teens.She has appeared in numerous films and television shows, as well as on stage in Los Angeles, on Broadwany, Off-Broadway and Repertory theaters accross the country .

She’s married, celebrating her 36th anniversary this year!! A real feat for Hollywood! and she is lucky enough to have a lovely daughter and wonderful son in law.

She’s also an accomplished painter and portraitist, painting for her own pleasure and on commission.

She has worked all over the world and that has awakened a deep passion for travel. On her very extensive bucket list, she’s missing only seven countries, those are the ones currently at war or unsafe, but she might bite the bullet and go anyway.,, 

She sponsors many favorite charities, chief among them are Doctors Without Borders and Operation Smile.Several of her fans have started contributing to them also.

Stay tuned… More to come!

Excited to be at the Emmys tonight!!!.

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